The Winthrop Fleet in 1630

Clipper ship

Eleven Ships Sailed to Massachusetts Bay Colony

The Winthrop Fleet consisted of eleven ships. The well-planned and financed expedition was lead by Governor John Winthrop, who transported seven hundred Puritan immigrants from the religious turmoil in England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the spring of 1630. 

Leaving Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
The flagship Arbella, and four other ships assembled to leave in late March of 1630 but rough weather kept them from sailing. They finally sailed on April 8th from Yarmouth, Isle of Wight.

Arriving in Salem in 1630
The first ship arrived in Salem, Massachusetts on June 13, 1630.  Six other ships of the fleet sailed in May and arrived in July.   A few of the new arrivals remained in Salem, while most moved on to Boston and other settlements.  

A Thousand Started the Voyage
About one thousand Puritans made the epic voyage to the New World in 1630.  About two hundred Puritans would die soon after they arrived and another one hundred would return to England within the first few months on the returning ships.

Envisioning a New World
Winthrop envisioned a new world and said “….that ourselves and posterity may be the better preserved from the common corruptions of this evil world…For we must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill, the eyes of all people are upon us.”  The people of that city upon the hill help build this great country, the United States of America.

Ship Name Description of Ship Date Sailed
Arbella 1       Flagship, designated 'Admiral' April 8, 1630
Talbot Designated 'Vice Admiral' April 8, 1630
Ambrose Designated 'Rear Admiral'  April 8, 1630
Jewel Designated 'Captain' May 1630
Mayflower 2     Passenger ship May 1630
Whale  Passenger ship  May 1630
Success Passenger ship May 1630
Trial Transport ship (freight and livestock) May 1630
Charles Transport ship (freight and livestock) May 1630
Hopewell Transport ship (freight and livestock) April 8, 1630
William & Francis Transport ship (freight and livestock) May 1630

1 The flagship ‘Arbella’ was named for Lady Arbella Clinton, daughter of Thomas, 5th Earl of Lincoln, and wife of Isaac Johnson.  She was among the first immigrants to die in 1630 New England.

2 Note: same name but different from the Pilgrim’s ship that landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620.