Notable Colbys

Some Notable Colby Family Members Include

Name Position Birth - Death
Chester A. Arthur 21st President of the United States 1829-1886
Richard Bruce Cheney Vice President of the United States - 2001-2009 1941-
Anthony Colby Governor of New Hampshire 1792-1873
Bainbridge Colby U. S. Secretary of State under President Wilson 1869-1950
Carlos W. Colby Congressional Medal of Honor - Vicksburg 1837-1922
Gardner Colby Colby College & President-Wisconsin Central RR 1810-1879
Harrison Gray Otis Colby Rear Admiral - Commander-North Atlantic Fleet 1846-1926
Stoddard B. Colby Register of the U.S. Treasury 1816-1867
William Egan Colby Director of the CIA 1920-1996
Joseph Smith, Jr. Founder of the Mormon Church 1805-1844
Laura Ingalls Wilder Author, "Little House on the Prairie" series 1867-1957