The Parlor

The Parlor in the Macy-Colby House

For Visitors Only

The parlor was a special room where important visitors were welcome but the family wasn't.

As a Showcase

The Colby family's finest possessions would be showcased in the parlor.

For Family Wakes

When a family member died, his or her wake would be held in this room.

Marriage Negotiations

And many a nervous, prospective son-in-law probably pleaded for the hand of a Colby's daughter in this room. The Quiet Husband lithograph at the Macy-Colby House

The Duty of Watchfulness

A lithograph entitled, The Quiet Husband, has purportedly been displayed in the Colby parlor for over 250 years.

In the picture, the older husband has fallen asleep over a book of sermons entitled, the Duty of Watchfulness, while a handsome soldier can be seen having a dalliance with the younger wife of the sleeping husband.

The china cupboard at the Macy-Colby House

The China Cupboard

The corner cupboard in the parlor is a Georgian-style, arched china cupboard from the mid-1700s, with an elliptical fanlight and a keystone cornice. Made of pine, it is painted a gray-green 'bayberry.'

Foot warmer at the Macy-Colby House

Foot Warmer