The Keeping Room

The Keeping Room at the Macy-Colby House

A 17th Century Home

In a 17th century home, the combined kitchen and living space was called the 'keeping room.' Here the food was prepared and served, and daily tasks such as spinning, weaving, mending, and candle making were performed.

Cold Winter Nights

On very cold winter nights, the family would even sleep in this room, because it had been warmed all day by the fireplace.

The Family Center

The large keeping room fireplace has two brick ovens and an ashpit. It is surrounded with pots and pans hanging for the fireplace cranes, along with dutch ovens, and other cooking items. The hearth was the center of the family. The work only ended when the daylight was gone.

A Work Room

Other items in the keeping room include a cheese press, a curd basket that separates the curd from the whey for making cheese, and a hornbeam barrel that is made from a tree trunk, used for food storage.

Cheese press at the Macy-Colby House

Cheese Press

Curd basket at the Macy-Colby House

Curd Basket

Hornbeam barrel the Macy-Colby House

Hornbeam Barrel

27 Different American Flags at the Macy-Colby House

United States Flags

The United States of America has had 27 different flags (left). An additional star being added when a new state joined the Union.