Moses Long Colby
Macy-Colby House Benefactor

Moses Colby

An Enduring Monument to the Colby & Macy Families

In 1899, Moses purchased the Macy-Colby House from his nephew William Colby (1851-1909), son of his late brother Obadiah (1811-1892). He donated the house to the Bartlett Cemetery Association as an enduring monument to the Colby and Macy families.

Born in Amesbury

Moses was born March 19, 1822 on Bartlett Place, two streets away from the Macy-Colby House. He was the youngest child of Captain William Colby (1775-1850) and his second wife Mary Long (1782-1870), who was also a Colby descendant.

From a Seafaring Family

His parents had purchased the large, comfortable, Bartlett Place home of Captain William's maternal-grandparents, David and Eleanor (Blaisdell) Merrill, for their family of five sons and two daughters. Captain William was a ship's captain, master of the schooners, The Governor, Daniel and TreatyTwo Brothers.

Gold Rush

Moses was educated in Amesbury and went to Boston as a young man, learned the trade of boot making and belonged to a Boston fire company. In 1849, at the age of twenty-seven, Moses went to California, like so many other young men, in search of gold. The trip from Boston to San Francisco took over three months, traveling around the infamous Cape Horn of South America. It is believed he made his fortune, not in gold, but by becoming a shop keeper in San Francisco.

Return to Amesbury

Moses left California in his later years and returned to Amesbury. He remained a bachelor all his life, and was described as having a gentle and retiring disposition; neat and orderly in his habits; square and honest in all his dealings and as a true patriot. Moses Long Colby died on July 16, 1901 at the age of 79 years old and is buried in the Bartlett Cemetery behind the Macy-Colby House.

Maintaining & Displaying the House Today

The Bartlett Cemetery Association continues to maintain and display the Macy-Colby House under the auspices of the Friends of the Macy-Colby House Committee.

The Colby Lineage

Who begat whom!

1 Anthony Colby
2 Samuel
3 Samuel
4 Obadiah
5 Obadiah
6 Captain William
7 Moses