Amesbury Monument Plaques

Macy-Colby House

Susanna Martin Plaque

Here stood the house of
Susanna Martin
An honest, hard working
Christian women
Accused as a witch
tried and executed at
Salem, July 19, 1692
A martyr of superstition
Macy-Colby House

MEMORIAL to the First Settlers of Amesbury - 1654

John Bailey
Orlando Bagley
Thomas Barnard
William Barnes
Henry Blaisdell
Philip Challis
Anthony Colby
John Colby
Edward Cottle
Richard Currier
Jarret Haddon
John Hoyt
Wm Huntington
Thomas Macy
George Martin
Valentine Rowell
William Sargent
John Weed
And Their First Burying Ground Golgotha
Macy-Colby House

Thomas Macy

The first town clerk of Amesbury built this house prior to 1654. Persecuted for harboring Quakers, he fled to Nantucket in 1659 having previously sold this place to Anthony Colby whose descendants have occupied it to the present time.

Dated: 1894